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Home is a room full of the safest sounds. Home does not have to be the place you reside, instead it can be a state of mind, a person, or a dwelling. No matter the definition of home, if the home is left the meaning should remain significant. In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Jane leaves her place of residence, but still feels that home remains important. Jane Eyre feels like home is where she feels loved, like an equal, and a place that provides security. Being loved, supported, and accepted is necessary for a proper home. There is no need to feel afraid, unwanted or unloved in your own home. Jane wants a place where she is able to thrive and find opportunities to better herself. When Jane leaves Gateshead and is sent to Lowood,…show more content…
In Gateshead she was terrified of bothering the Reed’s and being sent back to the red-room. At Lowood she was first focused on her studies and then her pupils. She wants to feel secure and like nothing could harm her in anyway. At Thornfield Jane was making some money from being a governess. She met someone she loved and she was at one of the highest points in her life. She was not worried of anything and everything. It is not just Thornfield itself, she loved the people who made her feel safe and secure in life. Jane is talking to Rochester right after the first proposal and says “Thank you, Mr. Rochester, for your great kindness, I am strongly glad to get back again to you, and wherever you are is my home- my only home,” (264). Jane loves Mrs. Fairfax, Adele, and the other servants at Thornfield. Jane knows that Thornfield is a good place for her and her future. She feels safe and secure, physically and mentally. When Jane first leaves Lowood to go become a governess at Thornfield she is restless about starting. She wants a career with a promising future. She says “The promise of a smooth career, which my first calm introduction to Thornfield Hall seemed to pledge” (113). Jane feels like from her starting experiences at Thornfield, she will be in a safe and secure environment. If Thornfield treated Jane badly, she most likely would not have stayed as long as she did. Even though Jane has never had a place she feels safe in, she knows that to have a satisfactory home you must keep safety an important factor. Safety is a very important thing for anybodys definition of home. If there is no sense of safety it will not be good for
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