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History: The 1950’s was the era known for it’s prosperous time. World War II had just ended and The United States was the strongest military power. In result of the economy blooming for the first time in 30 years, the consumerism society grew. Although people were spending money on everything they were no longer purchasing them with cash. With the invention of credit cards many were placing orders on items they could not yet afford. During this time there was also a baby boom and a suburban boom. Soldiers returned home eager to start a family and accomplish their American Dream. By 1954, four million babies were being born each year. Because of this drastic increase, many were in need of a home. The G.I. Bill was soon passed which enabled soldiers…show more content…
This home was built along with 3,000 other ones. This three-bedroom house of 1,695 square feet sells for $13,850. The front entrance and living room windows are sheltered by a deep continuous roof which is supported by posts. This home was built with a trussed roof which allowed nonbearing walls to be built for future changes regarding room arrangement. The posts and horizontal bracing add decorative and structural importance to the front of the house. A planter box continues the masonry line across the breezeway which connects the main part of the house and the garage together. A garage was added considering that many families began to buy their own…show more content…
The size of the living room is 15’4”x16’11” and the dining room is 8’x9’. Adjacent to both is the breezeway which is 12’x20’. The breezeway serves as a semi-living room during the the year. The kitchen, which is 8’x15’ has its own entrance and dining corner. Out of the three bedrooms the largest bedroom is 10’4”x15’4”, the second is 10’x11’4”, and the smallest is 10’x11’. They are all sectioned off into one corner of the house. Although there is only one bathroom, it is located across from the bedrooms for the convince of the family. Even though the dinning room area is very small, there is a second small dining area in the kitchen and when the weather was nice they could eat in the breezeway if they wished. Next to the breezeway was the garage which was 12’x19’. The garage provides an alternative way of entering the house. In total there are 3 entrances to the house. There is an entrance in the kitchen, another one is located in the living room, and the garage door can be considered another entrance since its connected to the

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