Yogurt Persuasive Speech

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Imagine you could make within 15 minutes of work a whole week supply of one of the healthiest foods and snacks, which can also save you money and help you to lose weight. That’s the power of a home-made yogurt.
The first question we need to answer is, if yogurt is healthy, why should it be “home-made”? Why can’t you simply buy the commercial yogurt version?
The short answer is that the commercial yogurt is not "real" yogurt. Real yogurt is a live food. While commercial yogurt can have shelf life of a few weeks, real yogurt become sour within five days. In other words, commercial yogurt hardly has any active probiotics inside.
Additionally, commercial yogurt is very high in sugar, which will take any potential benefits and causes you to pack extra fat. Real yogurt is very low in sugar since the bacteria convert the
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These are the “good” bacteria or probiotics that create the yogurt and promote your health when you consume the yogurt. Some of them will stay to inhabit your gut, aid in digestion and keep the bad guys away (even when bad bacteria present in the food you eat).
Anyway, you need to get them somehow into the milk to make yogurt. How? Some people use probiotic capsules, but I think it worth it, taste wise, to obtain an actual yogurt starter. It is designed specifically to create the best yogurt possible.
Here’s what I have found to be the tastiest.

Should you use yogurt start each time?
You have the option to freeze one finished yogurt to use in the next batch - every other time (one time regular starter, the next yogurt as a starter, then again regular yogurt starter…). You will save money, but you may have a bit less tasty batch. Try and see yourself. Personally, I prefer to use the starter each time.
3… Simple thermostat. You will need to know the temperature before you add the probiotics into the warm milk.
Here is a good one that can be clipped on the milk container.

4… Transformer for the yogurt maker (If your country is 220-240

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