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There have been several changes and additions to my job over the past year or so. I tend to not like change and go into those things with some reluctance, however, I think that I am moving past that and starting to embrace new challenges. Some of the areas that I have improved on are HOME monitoring. I have become more comfortable and knowledgeable with all stages of monitoring. I have begun new relationships with the property management companies that maintain these projects. I have set up and maintained electronic files as well as hard copy files for all of our projects. I have separated them by year so it is easy to see what has been done each year. I have worked with Doug Ogden with coordinating our mutual projects and have a monitoring…show more content…
I have been approving invoices for payment and maintaining a spreadsheet for several housing programs. This has been great for me because it keeps me in touch with what is going on in the projects that I monitor. TBRA, Greggie 's, Homeless outreach etc.
I have gone back to using and entering beneficiaries into the HUD IDIS system. While there are still things to be worked out in the system with who is entering what I feel like we are on the right track.
I have managed to take on these new items and accomplish them. I have enjoyed learning new things and I enjoy the new tasks that I have been assigned. I feel that I have more to learn about the IDIS system and between Barb and I we are somewhat confused as to who is doing what. We need to get that down a bit better and maybe have it in writing. My biggest challenge is to not let things slip past me and I try to be vigilant and not miss a deadline or a closing.
I am looking forward to the upcoming year. With the potential of a new Homebuyer program with less disruption and time wasting. I feel like the time that will be saved will help me to expand the rehab program, have more time for monitoring and to taking on new challenges. I would like to be of more help to you with your new

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