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Home of the Brave is a 2006 drama directed by Irwin Winkler (b. 1931). Financially, like most Iraq war films produced while the war is still raging (Eberwein, p. 134), it is considered a flop as it only earned $499,620 out of an initial budget of $12 million (Box Office). It features a mixed acting crew of (known / unknown) actors. Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Biel are cast in lead roles, and they eclipse most of the other performers. An MGM distribution, the film was released on December 15 with a view to the Academy Awards. To the disappointment of its makers, the picture was not nominated and it earned none of the other prestigious film awards.
Concerning the plot, it centres upon the lives of four US soldiers. The film opens with the four
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The security humvees at the front of the convoy are pinned down and the Delta Company soldiers in them engage the enemy in a bloody fight for their lives. The vehicles at the rear of the convoy manage to evade the conflict when Sergeant Price and the other driver go back and change course, but only to place themselves in harm’s way as an Improvised Explosive Device abandoned on the side of the road goes off. Price is seriously injured. Dr. Marsh hurries to her rescue. Yates, Aiken and Owens are about to decide the fate of the gun-and-RPG fight. They pursue the assailants inside a building where Aiken kills an Iraqi woman. On to the east of the village, the three soldiers reach some ruins. In his attempt to jump over a brick wall, Aiken trips and falls on his back. Injured and unable to move, he remains behind. Yates also gets shot in the thigh and Owens runs after two armed Iraqis alone, killing one and getting shot by the other. He dies on the spot. Price and Aiken are medevaced to a nearby base.
Back to the States, the film visually presents Price with an amputated right hand. She goes back to the school where she finds it difficult to resume work a basketball coach with only one hand. Aiken’s back is still ailing and he is fighting to get his disability application processed according to the Veterans Act. Yates returns to his employer who informs him that he has already hired someone else in his position. Doctor Marsh is striving to keep the unity of his family and to come to terms with his adolescent son who vehemently opposes the war. He is no longer able to conduct

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