Home School Argumentative Essay

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Zhong, Hanting
Dr. Amir Khan
ENG 210 / Section 8
June 1, 2017
Home Schooling is not Good for Students
In recent years, whether students should study in the school has already become a popular topic. People have different views about it. My search of the literature produced several informative articles.
“From the earliest days of the settlement of the colonies, until approximately the mid-1800’s, the education of children was the primary prerogative of parents. Education consisted mainly of learning to read the religious literature and learn the appropriate amounts of arithmetic in order for children to assume a vocation.” (Covey 25)
The context mainly introduces that the education is very important for children. These children’s parents pay
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Students learn about new things and people in the society, not in school. Lines said that “[i]n simple societies the child slips naturally into active communication with parents and others — relatives, friends, neighbors.” (5). Home schooling helps students know the society earlier than the public school. Students communicate with others in the public places, so communication is not limited to the students’ parents, teachers or peers. Students in home-school will meet with more people working in different fields, which will help the students know common senses of life. However, when the students graduate from the high schools and first enter the society, the students educated in home schooling have already adapted to the society, which will help them easily face social pressure. Thus, home schooling doesn’t restrain the perception of society for the students. Students walk out of the houses, facing the reality of society. Home schooling can help students form an independent habit, without depending on the help from teachers and other students in school. The students in home-school study alone finishing their homework, or go outside to take part in social practice. Both of the conditions show that home schooling become a new communication in the education
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