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Assalamualaikum. Good morning madam and friends. My name is Siti Nur Amirah Binti Norman. I am happy to be here today. It is good to see all of you here. So, how are you today? Thank you for coming. I bid you with a warm welcome.
Ladies and gentleman,
Before I start, I want to share with all of you here about a story that happened to my uncle 's family. My uncle has a wife and both of them are working but they have some problems. Some of their problems are they always stress when they come back from work, sometimes they have a financial problem, they cannot spend more their time for their children and etc. This situation really opens my narrow mind. I was thought that why they are not working at home? I am pretty sure that their problem will solve if they work at home. Why not, right?
Ladies and gentleman,
From that situation, I came today to in front of this class to present my topic, "why working home is good?" Do you think that working at home is good? I am strongly believed that working at home is good. Please believe on me because I have three reasons and also some evidence to support my stand.
Firstly, health benefit is one of the strong reasons that will support my stand. People who work at home have an easier and more time for their children and family. It tends to less people 's stress by having more time for family and children. Stress is one of the sicknesses that can damage our brain if it is in a chronic situation. We also didn 't have to face some colleges

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