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In my own opinion, Homeboy is an exceptional narrative, in which Malcolm X expresses his struggle of “self-degradation” (McQuade 181). Although I was not interested in an essay about a man’s hairstyle, I quickly learn that this essay is about much more. Elements throughout this essay enticed me to continue reading and enjoy the substance of what I was reading. The relatable aspect of changing to fit in, exceptional characters, content that makes me think are a hand full of reason I liked this essay. Plus, Malcolm’s good writing and description made the essay not only enjoyable to read but also an educational read. Altogether, I found this essay to be a pleasant and interesting. Although known as Malcolm X today, this essay begins with a young man named Malcolm Little. With a new beginning in mind, Malcolm moves to live with Ella. Strong and independent, Ella is a black woman who has taken in many Little family members. Ella pushes Malcolm to fall in to line and act like a…show more content…
Malcolm X painted a wonderful picture in my mind as I read Homeboy. An image of Malcolm comes to mind as I read the description of himself. Along with his own description, he describes the looks and actions of others amazingly. Honestly, I have a clear picture in my mind of what every character and setting looks like. Boston and the dance halls are vivid images; I find this to make the essay easier to read because you can picture the events taking place. Even the streets of Boston were described thoroughly. In the essay Malcolm says, “In a letter to Wilfred, Hilda, Philbert, and Reginald back in Lansing, I told them about all of this, and about the winding, narrow, cobblestoned streets, and the houses that jammed up against each other” (McQuade 171). Along with the seething and characters, the actions that are describe though out the essay are detailed and give you a sense of what is really going on in the

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