Homecoming Pep Rally Speech

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The atmosphere of Schoenfeld Campus Gym had been electrifying Thursday afternoon. The Fall Homecoming Pep Rally included numerous activities for Concordia’s sports team to partake in. For example, one “challenge” involved a member of the sports team getting wrapped up in toilet paper, under the pressure of a time clock. When time ran out, whichever individual was wrapped in the most toilet paper (or looked the most like they had just emerged from an Egyptian pyramid) won that game. The CCNY Pep Rally acted as an opportunity for the rest of the student body to become familiar with our famed athletic program, and to mingle with this elite status of the student. The audience also joined in the fun and games. Dr. Leach flung specially made Pep Rally shirts into the bleachers, which made for a good laugh. I think it’s also important to note my lack of awareness of our gym’s bleachers until this afternoon!…show more content…
As I mentioned to my friend during the rally, many Concordia-hosted programs are not commuter friendly. There are a plethora of reasons for this, such as the time of the day in which they are scheduled, and whether or not one receives notification of these extracurriculars via email. This Homecoming Pep Rally can be summed up as short, sweet and effective. It gave us commuters a sense of belonging, and a whole new perspective on campus life after the textbooks are slammed shut for the

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