Homecoming Persuasive Speech

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Homecoming is something that all ages can take part in, although high school students definitely enjoy it the most. The whole week is the highlight of the year, full of traditions and activities that keep all the students busy. One specific tradition that has gone on for as long as the history of homecoming is the football players handing out their jerseys to their girlfriends, homecoming dates, or just good friends. Many girls, especially upperclassmen girls, look forward to wearing jerseys. This year, there will be no wearing of the jerseys to look forward to due to a new idea that has sprung up against high schoolers wishes. All the girlfriends, homecoming dates, and good friends of the football players will not be able to wear the boy’s jerseys on homecoming, unless they have a minimum of twenty dollars to spend. The Ed foundation is now sponsoring an auction for everyone who wants to wear a jersey, must place a bid on it. The MINIMUM bid is 20 dollars, and…show more content…
“Some people had heard about it on the team but they were just rumors and we [the players] were never contacted about it and asked our opinion.” Also, Besst commented, “It’s been a tradition since I can remember and I don’t get why they are taking it away from us. Homecoming week has always been about pride, and showing off the jersey is special to us because we’re not allowed to wear it any other night of the year. It’s always been a tradition to wear them on Homecoming and wearing them on something like senior night just wouldn’t be the same.” Not many high schoolers new about this until it was announced, and most were very upset and thought the idea wasn’t a good one. Senior Megan Johnson said, “I’ve never been able to wear a jersey for homecoming, and the one year that my date was on the football team, I would have to buy it.” It was this reaction from the student body that led to the results of the

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