Homecoming Queen: Stealing Queen

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Homecoming Queen is the third installment of the Carter House girl series and a major developing point in the series. The book contained many key moments or events that all led up to the end of this story and set up the next one, causing me to write an extra-long summary. The story follows main character DJ and the rest of the Carter House girls. In the previous book Stealing Bradford, Taylor disappeared at the end of the story. Taylor’s disappearing act followed a Myspace incident involving scandalous pictures of her, leaked by an unknown person. Homecoming Queen begins with Taylor returning home after the police and townspeople, including the girls have worried about and searched for her for weeks. Upon her return, Taylor isn’t ready to talk about her experience and imparts to DJ that she would…show more content…
DJ feels sick, so she declines and hangs up the phone. Later that night, Taylor breaks some bad news to DJ that Conner and Haley went to the game together, left together, and Taylor saw them kissing in the parking lot. Heartbroken, DJ breaks up with Conner the next day and quickly becomes very depressed. Luckily, her relief comes in the form of being nominated as a write in for Homecoming Queen. Needing an escort, she turns to the only nice boy she knows: Caleb the lifeguard, who graciously accepts. The vote is in the next day and DJ is the winner! The story ends there and there is not much of a conclusion to the story. Presumably, the next story will start with the events after DJ is named queen. Desiree Jeanette “DJ” is the main character of the Carter House series. She is a sporty girl who prefers playing sports over being a fashion model as her grandmother would have her do. DJ has recently converted to Christianity and God is now a big part in her life as she struggles to find her way through his plan. Although DJ has her own personal struggles, she is usually the most down to
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