Homecoming Ray Bradbury Analysis

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The author Ray Bradbury is known for his incredibly descriptive writing style. He uses similes, imagery and other element to write his stories, importantly “Homecoming”. He uses imagery, character development and to tell us through Homecoming that it’s okay to be different. One of the very important elements he uses is character development. The Author, Ray Bradbury describes the characters beautifully, allowing the readers imagine the characters and understand their personality, feelings and characteristics. An example, is when the author describes Cecy, and says that she can get into anyones mind “Even to have the power to send one's mind out, free, as Cecy did.” (page 1). Character development in Homecoming helps the reader know which character has which job or power, supported by the text “If only I could put the hair in the plastic images as Ellen does, or make people fall in love with me as Laura does with people, or read strange books as Sam does, or work in a respected job like Leonard and Bion do. Or even raise a family one day, as mother and father have done...."( page 3) Character development also helps the reader know that Timothy isn't like the rest because he doesn't like blood "Timothy doesn't-well-doesn't like blood. He's delicate."…show more content…
Timothy’s family avoided him because he was different “No wonder the family skirted him like a holy man's crucifix.” (page 2) The family is so huge that Einar balanced the child like a baton “And the one hundred relatives peered out from every black, enchanted room, circling inward, all shapes and sizes, to where Einar balanced the child like a baton in the roaring spaces.” (page 5) Cecy describes what was happening when he was in the farmer’s wife mind “The gray heads rip like rubber fabric, collapse with noises like wet lips moving.” (page 5-6) There are many elements like similes used in the story by the
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