Homecoming Short Story Summary

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In a way, Carlos used Mariano , the protagonist in the first person, in Homecoming to express his deep longing for his homeland and his deep disappointment with the social injustice both in America which he left behind and with his homeland, to which he returned ( Carlos never made it back to Philippines because he died in America ). He had gone to America, aged fifteen, and now, twelve years later, he was coming home. In the narration, we can feel the intensity of Mariano’s desire to connect with his past... seeing landmarks of familiar places, remembering scenes of childhood...wanting desperately to establish that psychological and emotional link between the person he is today with the child who left twelve years ago, to try to connect to his old life with the other members of the household, clinging tightly to memories of struggles , reliving tragic moments of his childhood which bind him to the family . He left home without a word and there had not been any communication between them since... He is filled with the anticipation of coming home yet also with sadness when he knew that his father died after he left, fraught with the anxiety of uncertainty. Are they ready to receive me just as I am? Can I tell them the reason for my homecoming? His attempt to link with the past, represented by his father, had been cut off with his death. He left his homeland to fulfil his goals to help support his family, to lift them out of the depravity and the impoverishment

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