Homecoming Should Be Abolished Essay

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I feel that homecoming shouldn’t be abolished. Abolishing homecoming would be upsetting to students and former students. The reasons I feel this way is because homecoming could be so much fun, you also get to know more about your school and learning their traditions of the school. To begin with, homecoming could be fun for new students and former students. In homecoming week they do something called spirit week. In spirit they allow you to dress up and show your school spirit. They have a homecoming football game which is so fun because you have people coming out to support your school. They also all teachers to show their spirit and dress up. They have students running for homecoming king and queen, which is competitive to see who will take over the crown. A lot of people run, but some lose. It is still fun to run because at least they tried. If they take homecoming away it would be boring to students because there’s not going to be a football game to attend. The football game is mostly where the fun is. Homecoming could never get old so it’s going to be impossible to take that away from ICN high school. Our school is one of the best in the city and everyone love to our football games. Homecoming is where all the fun is at in our school. Additionally, you get to know more about your school. In homecoming, a lot of the history your school is recognized. Homecoming is to welcome back former students. Who attended the school years ago. The alumni come to the football game
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