Narrative Essay On Homecoming

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Homecoming I almost completed my 12th. Yeah almost because I wasn’t confident enough that I would pass my math exam, which I fortunately did pass. So a day before returning home I had this house party at my friends place, which was exclusively thrown for me as a farewell. Though there were only 5 of us – my two best buddies and three of their cousins. But yeah that party was awesome we had a lot of booze as well as had the best quality of weed. I was totally drunk and was constantly asking for my cell from my friend – but obvious to call a girl whom I liked a lot. Currently I am too thankful to him that he didn’t give me my cell otherwise I would’ve screwed up everything. So back to that part- after reaching to my limit they lit that stuff up and guys I can’t tell you how I was feeling I was on another level. That night I slept at 4 in the morning and went to station with two of my best buddies at 7. We found out that my train was late ahhh!! Indian…show more content…
I don’t know what we felt, we were just quite for like 15 minutes. I just know what I was thinking I was thinking about the times which we spent together since we became friends. I don’t know you guys can feel me or not but yes… everything in my mind was running just like a black and white film, I was constantly playing all those lovely moments over and over again. And I know both of those morons would be doing the same. Then suddenly one of us filled the silence with a slang which was obviously for me, then the two of them started and I felt that go on guys go on more and more just abuse me enough so that I can have that our moment once again. Then after that we started laughing and it continued for fucking 20 mins more. I don’t know what happened to those rascals after that for the first time in the life, they started talking about those moments which we knew can make our eyes numb. And ya that shit was working our eyes were numb and once again we were all surrounded by
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