Homeless Bird Analysis

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In the book, Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan, Koly has to learn to make a living by herself. This helps her to accept herself because for a while she is alone and has no place to go, so she has to learn about herself to realise that she was not alone and other people could help her. Ultimately, Whelan showed that Koly found out being alone can help you understand yourself better and more intimately.
In the beginning, Koly learns that though death, one must learn to accept the hardship before healing can occur. When Hari dies all the deaths in the beginning. At the beginning Koly was sad and depressed because, Hari and his family just wanted her money but then, Hari died and Koly could not go back to her family, also had to stay with her
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At the end she was very happy because she got to go to the widow‘s house and she made new friends then she gets remarried and is daydreaming about what her life will be like when she moves to Raji’s village. “My surprise is finished, he wrote I have built a little room in the house you can keep just for your embroidering. My last doubts about the marriage flew from me like a flock of birds starting up in a field to be lost in the distance.”(206-207). This realization changes her perspective because Koly now knows that people accept her for what she is not what she was. This allows Koly to be more confident and more outgoing. This proves that Koly did change gradually throughout the book.
As you can see, being alone can help you understand yourself better and more intimately. This vital lesson is not just important to Koly in Homeless Bird. This lesson can be applied to many other people that need to rely on themselves to get through hardships. It can also be applied to people who are physically alone and trying to find themselves. Finally, it can be applied to my life because sometimes I feel alone and need to realize that I am not really alone, just by myself. Being by yourself can help you think deeper about yourself and help you to try harder and find yourself and your
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