Homeless Bird Summary

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In India it had come to conclusion that 47% of the girls are married before they turn 18. The author Gloria Whelan is trying to raise awareness and show what really goes on in a situation as a child bride in the book Homeless Bird. Koly represents thousands of young girls in India who are subjected to difficult lives as child brides because she is poor, and therefore, an easy target for exploitation, Yet, despite almost impossible odds, she fights hard I win her independence. Poverty was a real challenge for Koly and all children suffering being a child bride. Poverty really made an impact on Koly’s life, knowing all along she is nowhere near being fortunite. A lot of the nights Koly had very little shelter. Walls were caving in as well as the ceiling. Koly never had a stable shelter to sleep under. “The quilts on our bed and…show more content…
Koly not only found ways around things but she also tried really hard to fit. Shortly after Koly moved in with Hari’s family she was not to go him. “Chandra warned me not to, I gathered a handful of flowers and took them into Hari’s room (27).” Koly was ordered to keep cleaning and not to bother Hari because he needed rest to try to get rid of his sickness, but Koly didn't care. She knew the right thing to do was to go meet her new husband for the first time. Koly found a way through almost everything and shed she used her resources such as her friends that she new would help her. Koly wanted ot go to a party and fit in with other but Maa Kamala disagrees. “I’ll say that we are going to the cinema together (182).” Koly said they were going to the cinema when really she was going to a party. Her friend Taun helped her out by also saying she was going with Koly and just waited at the cinema. With all the problems Koly faced she did fight hard for her independence and was
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