Homeless Cat Research Paper

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he world outside is full of peril. There are dogs that chase us and mean neighborhood kids who torment us. Depending on where you live there may be other wild animals like raccoons or coyotes who would think a defenseless kitty a tasty morsel. Then there are cars, smelly ugly things that can crush a kitty flat in the time it takes to purr. Scary stuff.

We do like to get out and about and have a closer look at the backyard or just get a breath of fresh air and sniff all those enticing scents. Without a safe way to explore, kitties can be susceptible to all those dangers as well as being frightened and running off to what we think is safety only to find ourselves lost and homeless. We 've all heard the rumors about what happens to homeless cats. No more tuna, catnip or soft laps. They have to fend for themselves and scrounge for food and safety.

What 's a human to do to let kitty satisfy her curiosity without becoming buzzard bait? Outside cat enclosures are a great solution. They are made specifically for cats, not just a dog kennel retrofitted for size. Cat enclosures are fully enclosed so we stay in and the scary world stays out while letting us enjoy the fresh air and some birdwatching.

Our kitty enclosure has a mesh tunnel that hooks right up to a cat door in a window. We can come and go as we please to our larger outdoor
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If you want to let your kitty get outside and satisfy some of her curious kitty instincts outdoor cat pens are a great way to do it. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like ours, can be set up as permanent structures for us to explore at will. Others are free-standing that you can set up in a quiet corner of the yard. Others are expandable, adding more tunnels and teepees to make them bigger and more elaborate. Some are strictly portable, small and easily moved that are perfect for an afternoon nap on the deck or apartment balcony. Whatever kind you 're looking for, you 're sure to find just what you need so curiosity doesn 't kill
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