Homeless Center Reflection

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The overview of the typical activities I participated in at the Bakersfield Homeless Center consisted of providing 3 nutritional meals a day for the people and families at the center. We also created a variety of sack lunches for those contracted to work outside of the center. In addition, I helped in the process of handling the fresh food donations that were collected each day, planned and prepared meals, washed dishes and sanitized the kitchen. Furthermore, I participated in activities that were beneficial to my educational and career goals, which involved interacting with the community. For example, I managed to create bonds with the people at the center and gained their trust during the process. Moreover, the families and people at the shelter undergo tremendous amounts of stress based on their living situation and income…show more content…
Consequently, a difference is being able to help them out by providing a daily, warm and home cooked meal. To reduce stress levels, we provided meals for the family and ensured that they are receiving their recommended servings. In addition to my internship at the homeless center, I was able to comprehend the many definitions are associated with homelessness. Homelessness affects children and adults’ by preventing a healthy lifestyle from occurring. It also alters their perception, mental health, increases abuse, and limits
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