Homeless In America Research Paper

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“1 out of every 100 persons in Europe- or approximately 3 million people [are] homeless,” (Blair 21) states Cornelia Blair, the author of Homeless in America. Not only is this number extremely high, it only accounts to one country; Imagine the number across all 136 countries scattered across the Earth. And the homeless population is constantly on the rise, creating a fear for many who live dangerously close to losing everything. Homelessness is a predicament that affects all people, old and young, and can last from as little as a few days to as long as the rest of their lives. It is a serious problem caused by low income, domestic violence and abuse, and lack of Veteran care, but can be amended by child sponsorships, help from the government,…show more content…
The following paper will aid in finding the fundamental components of Homelessness, such as the causes, effects, and solutions. Many people are snapped back to reality when they can’t afford to pay rent, buy food, or otherwise -low income becomes their safety’s demise. With the competitiveness in the job market, a large abundance of people cannot find jobs higher than minimum wage, which is not even close to the amount of money one can live comfortably on. The author of A Homeless Mother talks about her personal experience with low income, explaining her struggle to get jobs with an income over the low $3.35 an hour and affording health necessities without insurance, causing her to lose her apartment. (A Homeless Mother) Another example of Homelessness and how it is induced by low income is Natalie Rizzo, a homeless woman spoken about in a magazine article. The author discloses that “her only income [was] $400 weekly unemployment check. Two of those checks a month were not enough to cover her rent, but because of them she did not qualify for any other social assistance. She eventually stopped paying rent as survival expenses like food were prioritized.” (Record Homelessness Hits a High Rent City) Both of the women lost their homes due to their low incomes and need for the
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