Homeless Issues Paper

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Description of Homelessness Homeless is considered the oldest issues in the world, which include adults, children, and mental illness. When it comes to homeless, the concerns are poor physical and mental health issues. Homeless adults are more likely to have short life expectancies (Taylor, Kendzer, Reitzel, & Basinelle, 2016). According to the Huntsville Times (2015), the recorded number of homeless people was 3,970. In addition, 2,943 were living in emergency shelters and the severe mental ill were living in long-term housing. Furthermore, 1,027 of homeless people were unsheltered. Type of Plan The type of prevention that would be considered consists of building housing that could provide shelter, food, health care, and learning. This…show more content…
Teritary prevention goal is to reduce the current issue (Newsome & Gladding, ). The goal will be to get the as many homeless people off the street and in a safe place. Ethical Issues There are ethical issues that are involved with homeless. Some nonprofit organizations do not receive enough funds to support their facilities (Gunn, Rikabi, & Huebner, 2013). Moreover, some facilities require personal information that can be sensitive, accounting and health information before they are allowed to receive services. These facilities would not be able to keep this information from other staff members. Another ethical issue would be homeless parents. The question that some shelters face is getting child services involved. In conclusion, when I was coming up, we did not know much about people being homeless. When I left home for college, I learned more about homeless people. I have a heart for people and I do not desire to see people suffer if I can help it. If a homeless person asks me for money, I will give it to them or go and buy them some food when I have the funds to do so. This is the reason that I want to get a grant that can help individuals get off the
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