Homeless Narrative

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Dropping my backpack onto the sizzling seat, I lowered myself to the floor of the bus, part for shade from the early June sun, part to avoid having to say my goodbyes. Reaching into my pocket, I found my phone and a tangled pair of earbuds with wires frayed from daily use. As the school bus rolled out from the parking lot for the last time, I placed the headphones in my ears and tapped play. Closing my eyes as the bus hopped over a pothole, I was blind and deaf to the world around me. The first night, I spent an hour on Amazon searching for curtains. The sunsets were too bright to keep my dorm dark. With the choices narrowed down to three options, I heard a knocking over my music. Pausing the chorus, I crouched to see through the peephole and saw my Natural Helper. Opening the door, I tilted my head down, suddenly entranced by the top of my shoes. As he spoke, I muttered quiet responses, half listening, half considering my curtains. He invited me out into the hall, and walking out of my room, I saw dozens of pairs of shoes, all welcoming and hoping to get to know me.…show more content…
I remembered the night before, my hands shaking as I spoke in front of my whole class as I recited my speech. My phone buzzed, pulling me back to the present, announcing a new email: 2014-2015 Student Council Members. Tapping on the new message, my eyes immediately scanned the page until I found my name. Looking up, I straightened my back, and continued to my next
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