Homeless On Campus Eleanor Bader Analysis

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“Homeless on Campus,” by Eleanor Bader is a summary of homeless students on college campuses. Bader taught English at Kingsborough Community College and she was also a freelance writer. This report explains how many students on college campuses are homeless and are trying to continue their education. Bader illustrates her points by writing about students that share their personal stories about their hardships. She also communicates with others who have insight and information about students who have no home and are going to college. They explain the struggles that all of these students face every day in and out of school. They also give examples of their real students and what they have encountered first hand, and it is not easy. There are too many homeless students who have nothing from the start of their lives and try to achieve and work to continue their education and become something. Bader describes how they got there and how they leave it all behind and try to move forward. The Colleges they go to also do nothing to help them in any way. This report illustrates the deeper meaning behind its points and how colleges are not connecting with their students. “Homeless on Campus” demonstrated the effort and struggles that a variety of students face every day and have had all their life. They start by either being in an…show more content…
Meanwhile they are not helping them very much. They are putting no effort in trying to give them a lending hand. “Critics say colleges are not doing enough to meet – or even recognize – the needs of this group… She also believes that the college should maintain emergency housing for homeless students” (Bader 712). It is accurate that colleges do not even notice their struggling students without the students notifying them of their hardships. Many colleges also do not have any plans or means of helping a poor student out, as illustrated in the
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