What Do Fish Have To Do With Anything Analysis

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“The homeless should be considered just as important as the richest of the rich.” This quote by Lauren Daigle, analyzes that homeless people should be considered just as valuable and important as the rich. Even though, others may disagree, it is clear that both texts articulate the fact that homeless people are similar to everyone else, are misinterpreted, and have stories to tell. To begin, homeless people shouldn’t be ignored and stereotyped because most have knowledge and have stories to tell. In the text, “What Do Fish Have To Do With Anything?” Willie meets a homeless man and asks him questions about unhappiness and the cure for it. Willie’s mother doesn’t understand what homeless people are like and therefore, Willie feels that she is like a blind fish in a cave. In the text, it states, “The cure for unhappiness is this: What a person needs is always more than what they say.” This quote reinforces that homeless people are knowledgeable and are wise. They have enough information about the real world and just need someone to share it with. Most people ignore homeless people because of stereotypes like “they are sick and dirty,” even if they have something to offer. Likewise, Mrs. Markham just…show more content…
Based on the stories, homeless people are not exactly like what stereotypes say they are like. Homeless people are very similar to everyone else even though, others may feel that they are completely opposite since they are homeless. Also, most homeless people are misinterpreted and people feel that they are “sick and dirty.” Lastly, the homeless do have stories to tell and are wise unlike the fact that people believe that they are uneducated and not smart. All in all, the homeless are valuable and significant to everyone and should be treated just as well as the rich

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