Homelessness In My Community

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Introduction/ definition.
The issue of homelessness people is a major problem within my community. Homelessness is a condition of people without a well, health houses to dwell in, most people with this condition are people leaving in streets, old buildings, under sewage pipes and townships to beg for food, clothes, money and also for help to get a better life to resemble like normal people with a well condition of life. People who are involved in this condition some of them are teenagers and adults who are being chased away from their homes. Some of them are kids with no parents or anybody to care of. Predominantly, the homeless are individuals or families with no permanent residence who also lack the resources or abilities necessary to arrange
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We agree not all of them are disabled some of them they event got talent, so they may be supplied with a platform to prove up their point and to show others on how to make things with their own hands. Art work is also important aspect because we’re all unique and god has given each and every one of us a talent to make us survive, so they can make use of their talent to generate ideas.
When coming to adults some of them they previously worked as domestic workers, garden servicers, plant irrigators, sales men, teachers, and principals etc. those who fall within this category may be given a small training on how to make what and not to make what and also work on rectifying the mistakes they have done. Then when they have improved enough they may be granted their jobs back so that they may help their beloved ones and those who were in need like them.
Government can also develop schemes to fund and take back young kids to school and supply them with food, pocket money and shelters so that they can have a good place to stay like other people do. Some they can be taken to specialist to deal with them because some of them they lost their families in a bad way that’s why they find themselves having to place to
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The family will be granted a certain fund and food to take care of the kid(s) that are adopted so that their life will be better because they’ll be having shelter and parents to monitor them.
Programs like donate for a struggling family can be developed in a community because some people are willing to help but they just can’t confront the needy or poor family, so this program will give them an opportunity to donate food, clothes, books, and beds for the poor family. Donation will help homeless people a lot because some of them they don’t even have clothes to wear, food to eat, water to drink and beds to sleep on.

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