Homeless Roofing

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If you 're ready to give your home a much-needed makeover, or have an old and leaky roof that 's clearly seen better days, it 's probably time to call a roofing contractors to the rescue. However, with so many options out there both in terms of finding a professional to complete the job, and in what materials are available to keep your home safe from the elements, repairing or replacing your roof can seem like quite the overwhelming task. While most homeowners don 't have an intricate knowledge of roofing, it 's fairly easy to spot a roof that isn 't working as well as it should. Gaps, shingles that have come loose or rotted away, nails or staples that are not firmly affixed, and visible holes in between shingles are a sign that it 's time to start improving your home from the top down. Depending on the type of materials being used, a homeowner may have to replace his roof once every 10-15 years, or just once a…show more content…
A majority of homes in the United States today have either wooden or asphalt shingles, popular choices because they hold up well in a variety of different climates. In particular, wooden shingles actually improve in aesthetic value as they age, taking on a weathered look that adds a touch of distinction to the home. However, these shingles are not immune to the toll the elements can take on the home, and are susceptible to disintegration, developing mold or mildew, or even coming off the roof entirely as a result of bad weather conditions. Wooden shingles typically last 30-50 years, and can be pressure-treated to make them resistant to fire, without affecting the look and the level of protection afforded by this sturdy

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