Homeless Shelter

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The ethos used in the excerpt incites emotions of dejection, curiosity, and ludicrosity. The authors give identities to the children in the story, making the children harder to disregard. The authors include experiences and event s that ate relative to that of a normal everyday person, making them more emphatic to the narrative.
Throughout the narrative, the authors give small anecdotes of several children belonging to the Baltimore school systems. Children such as "...Neal...[who was] twice wounded in shootouts" or "...Durell, who comes to school from a homeless shelter" give the audience insight as to the uniquely absurd lives that children in the classroom deal with(Simon, Burns 280). These anecdotes provide a backstory to a supporting character. Displaying these specific tough experiences allow the audience to feel pity and compassion for the children making the authors ' argument resonate more with them. When discussing approaches to reducing
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The short expository narrative brings to light to the prevalent issues in the Baltimore school system. The authors ' allow for personal connection in the story by describing events and practices that were common to every child going to school. In fact, by saying "... that dittoed handouts and assignments merely copied from the board constitute an educational experience", the authors address the popular feeling of dislike towards school(Simon, Burns 281). Likewise, throughout the beginning of the excerpt, a presentation of a narrative about a "grasshopper [who]... comes to the ants ' house and tries to get them to go party"(Simon, Burns 276). The use of a fable with a succinct moral is something frequent in many young years of education. As the authors appeal to feelings and events that were very probably experienced by the majority of the audience, the audience becomes more sympathetic to their cause. It also allows the audience to place themselves in hypotheticals that will clarify the statement being made in the
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