Homeless Children Research Paper

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How does homelessness affect children? Homeless children are not simply at risk;most suffer specific physical.psychological and smotional damage.Homelessness influence every facet of a child 's life;from conception to ypung adulthood.The experience of homelessness inhibits the physical,emotional,cognitive,social ans behavioral development of chilren. A homeless family is typically headed by a single mom,usually in her late twenties with two or three young children under the age offive.Many homeless family are with single mom because when they were young they fell love with their ex and then they got pregnant.But most of men they don 't want to get married too soon and having a baby.Theirs mind didn 't tell them that they should have…show more content…
First, homelessness is a negative affects, so it may causes lot of negative things for the society including crimes, drugs, terrorists, abuse liability or abuse behavior. This is the negative things about homelessness, but there are also positive things about homelessness children, they are more independent than other children, they go to everywhere because their home could be anywhere around the world, they are more freedom but they doesn’t have any education which means they are only underclass people. But the most important thing is they always try to look on the bright side of things and become independent, because they have been through the hardest time of the life, while they were still a child. But the probability of lots homelessness children become and think positive is very very low. Most of them will think ‘ why am i is a homeless child?’ so they want revenge and strike the society, because they think this is not fair for them, and they will become more negative when they think about this, then the things like crimes, drugs, abuse etc. anything that is bad for the people and society happens. For these homelessness children, actually homeless is a shadow part for them, because they couldn’t do anything when they are still a child, they might get abducted by these bad guys for money, or they will cultivate them to use for the future, everything could happen, no one knows.Crime is a
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