Homelessness And Aging: A Community Analysis

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We discussed a lot of topics in the class such as demographics of older adult, social security, health care, transportation, accessibility, housing for older adult, elder abuse, and caregivers. We also did group service learning project on homelessness and aging, accessibility, Medicare, dementia, language or communication barriers, and aging in Somalia community. Therefore, I would like to talk about the most pressing programmatic/policy issues concerning older adult, what do I think should be done to remedy the issue or problems, and what advices I am going to offer to legislature or an advisory board. In my perspective, I think the most pressing problematic or policy issues are social security and transportation. Based on the text book…show more content…
Transportation is number one barriers. Transportation services are very important to older adult who are no longer able to drive. The service allows them to go place to place such as go to doctor’s appointments, visiting the senior center, and attending church services. It is very essential to them to fulfill their basic needs and connect them to the community. However, due to the lack of funding, the service restricted to medical appointments. Some community started volunteer programs for older adults to bring them to place to place by using their private…show more content…
If we reform the program and make some changes, I think we can keep Social security for next generations. The solutions for this problem are increase the retirement age, lower the cost or decrease the amount being paid for the fund, raise the payroll taxes, and limited the funds from other programs to use especially national debt or balance budget. During class discussion regarding to transportation issue, we came up with some ideas that can help with this issue such as keep older people driving safely and longer. Make the driving symbol bigger so that older adult can see it. Adapt different kinds of public transit services that less expensive than paratransit, but more accommodating than traditional buses or public transit. Public transits need to offer more options for safety, convenient, affordable, and more information such as direction to meet the needs of aging populations. In another word, they should increase the quality of public transit in order to meet the needs of older adults. The community also should create sidewalks that’s are safe and with resting area for

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