Homelessness Argumentative Essay

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The United States is a successful, marvelous, wealthy, and powerful country. However, one major issue that our country has, is homelessness. It is a sorrow for those who walk down this phenomenal country to witness the homeless lined up on the streets begging every traveler for a dollar. About 565,000 people are homeless a year. Furthermore, about forty six percent of this population live with a mental illness or disorder, therefore causing drained health care and shelter resources because they cannot compensate for what they receive. In addition to, these minorities commit small crimes by stealing, inhabiting spaces illegally, and bothering tourists. I think it can be agreed by all that this homelessness must come to an end. As for my part,…show more content…
About 45.5 million people outside of the country visit the U.S. annually. The zoos may serve as an entertainment area for the tourists for some vagrants are mentally ill. Although not all tourist would like to visit these zoos, however, the people in the U.S. may be interested in visiting the zoos as well. Refutation Although my plan may be successful, some may say that putting the homeless in zoos is inhumane. However, my plan will actually facilitate the lives of the homeless from their previous ways of living. As I have mentioned before, the homeless people will have shelter, food, and water without spending. Real Solutions As one may be able to determine, I profess that I do not intend to follow this extraordinary plan. It was created to bring awareness that homelessness is a serious matter. The sardonic solution was used to show that those who are homeless truly struggle with hunger, mental illness, and ignorance. One real solution to end homelessness is to provide federal housing assistance in which helps make housing more affordable for the homeless by ensuring a flexible subsidy that adjusts with the income over time. Another possible solution is to reunify families that are in the youth or to put them in foster
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