Homelessness Book Report

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says, “Homelessness is rooted hard and deep in poverty” (p. 224). He talks about the connection between homelessness and poverty that “homelessness is social issue that when the standard living of the American working class and lower class falls, individuals and families at the bottom are plunged into homelessness”(p.224). Many homeless women are poor and don’t have high job skills. They are vulnerable population in a job market and always had been facing the obstacles when they looking for, finding, and keeping a job. Homeless people do believe a job is the way out of homelessness. However, the social system always turned down their hopes for finding a job. According the book, several women lost jobs or opportunity to get them when their homelessness…show more content…
It is very challenging for homeless people to be placed and maintained to a stable job. Overall, there are many causes of becoming homeless related to poverty, family crises, mental illness, domestic violence, unemployment or underemployment, or other circumstance that make it difficult for individuals to maintain stable housing . The author defines homelessness throughout the book and tells us that “homeless people are homeless because they do not have a place to live”. Also, the book states that homeless women usually face the problem of employment because of the arrest record and not having permanent address and telephone number. Colin, Johnson, Bourgault, Borgia, & O’Toole (2013), they focus on the main reason of being homelessness that people mostly become homelessness because of unemployment and
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