Homelessness Effect

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Homelessness affects men, women and children of all ages and ethnicities around the world. The main cause of homelessness is low income and the lack of affordable housing. Due to the low income, many homeless people are unable to get the health care that is needed. Compared to the general population, homeless people are more likely to become ill and generally die at a younger age. In most cases, when the homeless become ill they turn to drugs and alcohol causing more of an issue than just their illness. Lack of health care can be very dangerous to anyone, however, homeless people suffer more than the general population due to their low income. At any age, being homeless can be very dangerous; mentally and physically. Homeless people tend to have the same medical conditions as the general population, however, their conditions may worsen quicker due to their lifestyle. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep,…show more content…
Of course, anyone could assume they do not receive the same amount of care as the rest of the population, but many probably do not realize how their lifestyle could potentially end their lives. I believe a change should be made by the community and local physicians by creating ways to get the homeless into health clinics, no matter what their financial status is. Many homeless people probably do not feel comfortable in such environments so it would be crucial to make them feel cared for and not judged. It would also be important for them to trust in the care being provided so a “patient centered” care plan would be essential. If they feel comfortable and they are treated kindly, they may come back for further care which could potentially save their lives. As a healthcare provider it is very important to make your patients feel like they mean something. By being caring, kind, and making them feel comfortable you could possibly make a significant difference in their
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