Homelessness Essay: The Number Of Homeless People

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Introduction Nowadays, the number of homeless people are increasing vigorously. For example, the ‘famous’ place where these homeless people exist is in Kuala Lumpur. Some of the homeless people have a job but it does not enough to rent a room or house. So they decided to sleep by the roadside and the streets of popular areas in the city Why the number of homeless people keep increasing day by day? Is being homeless is their wishes? We should help these people instead of chasing them away, torture, and insult. There must be a reason why they became like this. ‘Feeding the homeless, is it an issue to the government?’ The government chased them away with a reason of ‘We want to make this city clean and we want to attract tourist to come’ and…show more content…
On our own view,we often describe homeless as a situation where people without a proper maintenance like shelter,food,medication and even clothing.Usually homeless peoples possesses mobile shelters like thrown boxes,torn tents.Individuals who seek shelter at homeless shelter , orphanages , can be called as homeless too. Homelessness is the condition of people without a regular dwelling. Retrieved from A homeless person is someone who is without a conventional home and lacks the economic and social supports that a home normally affords. She/he is often cut off from the support of relatives and friends, she/he has few independent resources and often has no immediate means, and, in some cases, little prospect of social support 1. Primary homelessness: people without conventional accommodation living on the streets or in improvised dwellings (e.g. Deserted buildings, cars, under bridges). 2. Secondary homelessness: people moving between various forms of temporary shelter including friends, relatives, emergency accommodation, refuges, hostels and boarding houses. 3. Tertiary homelessness: people living permanently in single rooms in private boarding houses without their own bathroom or kitchen and without security of
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