Homelessness In Canada Essay

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Homelessness as a Social Concern in Canada
Homelessness is a major social issue for all countries, regardless of their levels of development. No government has been able to solve this ubiquitous, hydra-headed problem. Defining homelessness is a tricky task because it is difficult to determine who should be classified as homeless, given the many factors that go into making such a determination. For this essay, I will define homelessness as a condition where a person lives in a place not designed for human habitation (i.e., bus and train stations, caves, dumpsters, parks), moves between the residences of one friend or relative and another or otherwise has no fixed address, or who lives in supervised accommodations like shelters or transitional housing. There are three types of homelessness: chronic, cynical, and temporary (Lynne, 1999). A variety of factors can contribute to homelessness, such as natural disasters and war; however, the major causes in Canada are family violence, poverty, a lack of cheap housing, and the closure of mental health institutions. In her essay, “Two Views of Homelessness,” Melanie (2003) noted that “homelessness has been increasing at an alarming rate for over 2 decades, leading to the increased visibility of homeless
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Apart from the physical impact of street living, people who are homeless are also the targets of stigmatization based on their homelessness and joblessness, and as such they experience segregation from the greater community. They are also more likely to experience emotional and psychological abuse and to have ongoing medical needs go
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