Homelessness In New York City Essay

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New York City is seen as a beautiful place to visit but the reality is there’s an ugly side to the city and it’s known as homelessness. In New York it is so common to see a homeless person in the train station or on a train and on the streets sleeping. This problem has been increasing ever since the Great Depression and we need to do something to decrease the number of this population and put a full stop to it. The majority of the New Yorkers just walk past them and instead of giving them left overs they decide to throw out the food and keep moving. Not only are these people suffering due to hunger, extremely poor hygiene and inhumane living conditions but they are also victims of assault and discrimination. The homeless in New York City and most likely everywhere else are also committing crimes. These crimes may vary from stealing to harassing people and these crimes make their whole population look bad and prevent people from helping them. We need to help them and start off by offering them something to eat or maybe giving them a blanket so they won’t get sick during the winter. Homelessness …show more content…

The majority of them did not get the right education or were not able to get a decent job. Nowadays people can’t even get through life earning minimum wage. Luckily for us, in New York, minimum wage increased to $9 but everything else went up in price too. According to Coalition for the Homeless (n.d.), “In November 2015, there were 59,929 homeless people, including 14,476 homeless families with 23,912 homeless children, sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system. Families comprise nearly four-fifths of the homeless shelter population”. Children are becoming victims of homelessness too and this puts pressure on them because their peers might have nice homes, luxurious items, and name brand clothes; meanwhile they might have to wear the same outfit every

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