Homelessness In New York

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The controversial issue of the homeless in New York has been an ongoing battle for several years. Many leaders like Andrew Cuomo have come to the conclusion that obligating homeless people into shelters should be enforced, yet others oppose the idea. They believe such harsh actions shouldn 't be taken. Journalist like Hinckley, who wrote "Can New York Force Homeless People into Shelters?" and Marc Santos, who wrote "Keep New York 's Homeless Off the Streets!" have written articles with fact based information with details on the homeless living conditions. In my opinion, such actions shouldn 't occur. The homeless in New York have the right to choose their living conditions, therefore they shouldn 't be obligated to be put in shelters.…show more content…
Shelters nowadays aren 't as safe as they once were. They don 't serve their real purpose because of all the disturbances. Serenity in a shelter is what is missing for those 3,000 homeless people to finally join one. Many homeless citizens have stated the dangers. "Shelters out here are not shelters, they 're sometimes worse than the streets. A lot of people don 't want to go to the shelter because they 've got to worry about people stealing stuff. People have knives and guns. And I 'm supposed to feel some sort of safe haven?" The shelters aren 't what they 're meant to be. Instead people bombarded the place with dangerous actions and weapons. Some may argue that the homeless shouldn 't be out in the cold because of human decency, but why would you enter a place that doesn 't secure your safety. Nothing, in this case, is better than something. Being safe and making sure you survive for the next day is their top priority. Pressuring the homeless into shelters is a result of superiority. As a consequence the homeless are viewed as less than a normal human being because of their living conditions and the way they present themselves. Does this have an effect on the way they 're treated? I sincerely believe it does. People tend to respect you depending on your life style. This shouldn 't be a contributing factor. Like everyone else, homeless have the right in choosing their life style. The way the homeless live could have impacted the decision in forcing them into…show more content…
Many people believe that a majority of the homeless population is filled with people who don 't want to contribute to society. This couldn 't be further than the truth. Several of the homeless are people who 've lost their jobs or family members and don 't have sufficient funds to support themselves. Marc Santos states, "He took the streets after his mother died and could not find a place to live." This proves that many of these people are faced with difficulties and because of this how can one oppress them into shelters. Instead, we as the people should offer a place of sanctuary for those who need it the most. On the contrary, leaders explain how just giving money away isn 't the solution. Cuomo stated, "Throwing money at the problem isn 't always the answer." By this he means, homeless could take advantage. A handful of the homeless people were drug addicts or victims of domestic abusers, but what about the rest of them? One person shouldn 't influence how a whole group of people are perceived. This is why handing out money isn 't the strategy in mind. Building homes is the key to restoration. All in all there are many reasons as to why the obligation of homeless in shelters is inhuman and should stop. In order to completely eliminate this idea a housing and budget plan should be heavily considered. Everyone deserves a home or the feeling of a home and with the money set aside we 'd be able to restore the homeless back to their former

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