Homelessness In Orange County Essay

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Is there anything being done by the state as the number of the homeless increasing rapidly in Orange County? According to the statistics, the population of homeless has increased compared to the past years. The leaders in Orange County offered no cure to these homeless people until they saw a drastic shift in the homeless population. The author’s viewpoint about that the state should get more involved to help their helpless citizens. First, state should assist the homeless since there is a rapid increase in the homeless population in the orange county. According to the latest count, there are approximately 4500 homeless people, which continues to grow parallel to the overall population (source: The Orange County Register). Honikel, who has been serving food at the Civic Center for years; says, ”He used to notice 100 people a day from…show more content…
The supervisors approved to purchase a warehouse in Anaheim, which will be used as a year-round shelter for the homeless. “ It’s the latest effort in a series of failed attempts, to open a year-around shelter” (source: The Orange County Register). The neighbors in Anaheim are not in a favor of opening a shelter home in Anaheim as the neighbors rally to reject the offer. The chairman also shows his anger by saying “forget it” as the city people are against them around bringing a shelter in the city (source: The Orange County Register). The state should also with the county leaders share an action around these homeless people who are on the increasing scale. In conclusion, where are the state funds to assist the homeless? Why are just focusing on the people who are violating the rules and regulations in the society, not on those who indeed need help and want help. The state should build in involvement and work with the county; the numbers of the homeless could come down and maybe help them find jobs and homes, which they can call their

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