Homelessness In The Modern World

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Most homelessness is based from a lack of education, substance abuse, and/or unemployment. Education is life in the modern world and without that you are basically useless. There is a major substance abuse epidemic happening around the world right now and it is causing lots of people to become homeless. Along with substance abuse, people also find themselves homeless because of the recent raise in unemployment rates. Without jobs you cannot afford to live the life you want. In the modern world, if you are not educated you can barely even get a good paying career that suits your needs and wants. Without a college degree most people will not hire you for a career in any type of specific field like accounting work or as a specific type of engineering.…show more content…
Without that money homelessness becomes a very real thing. “One of the consequences of youth homelessness is being forced to withdraw from school. In some cases, the contributing factors that led to a young person’s homelessness also had an impact on their school success. In other words, they were already at risk of dropping out. In other cases, school may not have been affected. However, when homelessness results in an individual having to leave their community, dropping out of school becomes an even more likely result, regardless of school performance to that point” (Aleman). Schooling at any level is hard enough as it is but adding the threat of homelessness make everything more and more complicated. Along with that, once you are living on the street going back to school is even more difficult. Aleman also wrote,”Once on the streets, returning or continuing school becomes a real challenge. Without access to affordable housing, adequate income, proper nutrition, and trusting supportive adults, school is often not a realistic…show more content…
One of the people who is helping the fight is Kayce Freed Jennings, senior producer of the movie “Girl Rising”. “Before co-founding The Documentary Group, Kayce was a producer at ABC, based in London, Atlanta and New York. She covered international and national news events for virtually every news division broadcast and was on the staffs of Nightline, World News Tonight and 20/20. Kayce is Vice Chair of the board of Win, an agency that serves homeless families, and is on the advisory boards of SOLA - School of Leadership Afghanistan and the Bridgehampton Child Care Center. She was co-creator of The Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitution and co-editor of Peter Jennings: A Reporter’s Life. Kayce is a graduate of Brown University, and studied government at the London School of Economics”(Our Team). She, along with many of the staff behind the making of that movie, are helping day in and day out to help homeless people and families. Although homelessness is still a serious issue all across the globe many people an organizations are helping to end that problem. Homelessness can be caused by many things such as lack of education, substance abuse, and unemployment but just because a person is homeless doesn 't mean that they are stuck that way. Many things can and are being done to help homeless people around the world and hopefully it will soon no longer be an
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