Family Homelessness Analysis

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Family homelessness is a growing social problem affecting families in every state. Nationwide, 85% of providers have seen family homelessness increasing in recent years(“The Facts About Family Homelessness”). Homelessness is often looked over, when someone sees a homeless person on the street they only see what they want to see it is unlikely that a person actually thinks about how the person became homeless. Women and children affected by homelessness is usually seen as abstract and would not be as conventional as a homeless man. This injustice to the women and children is unacceptable and using civil disobedience will help diminish the fire of ignorance.
An estimated 2.5 to 3.5 million people now experience homelessness each year.Approximately
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Over 85% of homeless families are headed by women - specifically, by single women with children - and domestic violence is a principal cause homelessness among single mother families.(“Family Homelessness Facts.”) “According to the National Law Center on Homelessness and…show more content…
Programs such as The Continuum of Care (CoC) only assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness by helping homeless individuals and families move into transitional and permanent housing, but they do not practice any acts of Civil Disobedience. Civil disobedience did occur in Portland, Oregon when homeless activist women saw an injustice taking place. Kenton’s Women's Village, “tensions over public camping neared a breaking point in Portland, as residents witnessed the effects of an escalating housing crisis and local government’s response… The mayor also had enacted a more immediate strategy for alleviating the homelessness crisis: a controversial “Safe Sleep” camping policy that allowed homeless people to sleep, in groups of fewer than six people, in public spaces at night.(“How the Kenton Women's Village Started as a Protest in Lents.”) But as soon as people began complaining about the growing camping population the mayor opted to remove the camping grounds. But then a group of homeless women decided to organize an act of civil disobedience by camping on the campgrounds anyway.”With dexterous use of social media, Vahid Brown, an activist who is now housing coordinator for Clackamas County, and Lake rallied volunteers to donate tents and pitch them on the platforms, clear of potential rain puddles. The
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