Homelessness In Our Society

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Imagine being homeless with nowhere to go nothing to eat and having nothing.Throughout the usa there have been between 500,000 and 600,000 people homeless every night.Homelessness is something that affects all races ages and religions, people judge them thinking that they are just lazy and don 't want to find a job but usually that is not the case, the homeless people you see on the streets all have life stories that if you took the time to listen you would have a different opinion on them. It is impossible to count the exact amount of homeless but it is known to be millions every day everywhere men women and children are begging for money on the streets “Most of these people carry shopping bags and carts to keep their belongings but have nowhere to go If someone gives them money they may respond with prayers of thanks and blessings these people are called homeless”.Although they are more than just people without homes. Most people in our society think the dirty, smelling homeless show signs of drug addictions. Others smell like alcohol, which shows their drunkenness.The homeless people who choose to do such things set a bad example for the other homeless…show more content…
For instance, they are often exposed to infectious diseases, bad weather, and unsafe environments. Besides, their predicament might compel them to take part in vices such as drug abuse. Providing financial assistance, rehabilitation, and transitional housing are some of the solutions for homelessness. Rehabilitation or treatment of homeless people in anticipation of gainful employment improves their chances of a successful placement. Some homeless people are drug addicts or people with medical conditions.It is important for them to be rehabilitated or treated for a healthy lifestyle. This would be important if they are to lead a productive
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