Homelessness In The United States

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Homelessness In The United States Imagine not being at home, at school, or at work right now. Imagine being outside, not taking out the trash, not on the way to work, or not in a classroom learning. Being outside, living there. There are many ways the government is making it harder on the homeless such as criminalizing the homeless, stereotyping them and causing family breakdowns. Being homeless is dangerous because they have no shelter with protection, no sanitation or place to keep hygienes up, and no money to buy the things they need in order to make a way of living. About three million americans experience homelessness in a given year(Allard 1). Not only are the government laws putting more people out in the streets, but are creating…show more content…
Many homeless people do not have money to live in shelters or homes or even have families that will take them in under times like this. Homeless people have no stable home, no car, so they feel the only place they got is outside in a safe enough place to fit their comfort. The homeless that are cited sleeping outside are getting fined for doing it in public, which they can not afford. There are many reasons why people are homeless and it not being their fault. It could be from poverty, unemployment, lack of affordable housing, poor health, family and relationship break downs, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. A homeless man, Lawrence Lee Smith tells his story in a report and said, “He lived in a camper van for years until it was towed. He couldn’t afford to retrieve it, leaving him with nowhere to reside but in public place due to frequent overcrowding of area homeless shelters. Mr. Smith was cited for illegal camping and was jailed for a total of 100 days. Due to the arrest, he lost his tent, his stove, and the fishing equipment he relied upon to live” (Smith). An innocent person now has to be put in jail just because they did not have any control of they illness he has got, and that is no reason for someone to have to be put in jail, especially when they have not put no one else 's life in harm. So, it is definitely not always the person 's fault of why they may be homeless, because it is surely that no person wants to live outside where it is cold, rains, snows, too hot and where bad storms happen. There are many reasons why people are homeless and it not being their fault. People who are young and put into foster homes have a stable place to live, but think about when they turn eighteen and can no longer be in foster care(Maskin
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