Homeless Rate In Veterans

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When you think about the veterans, the ones who fought for our freedom, you would think they would be treated like celebrities. We would think they get paid enough to at least have somewhere to live and something to eat. This is sad stay but, the homeless rate in veterans rise every year. We treat animals better than the ones who have put their lives in danger for our freedom. As a citizen of these United States, it is time for we the people stand up for the warriors of the country we call home. One reason that the homeless rate in veterans is on a rise is because of a misunderstanding when it comes to being paid during the recruitment process. During this process the recruiters will sell you lie. They claim to tell you about how much they’re getting paid and what they started off with. Most recruiters have been in the military for years, and a lot of been to school and gotten a higher level of education, which also affects the amount you get paid. They fail to tell people that information. This is why E1- E-4 ranked veterans make up 70-78 percent of the homeless rate in veterans. “Most (70-78 percent) of the homeless veterans were enlisted and in the lower pay grades of E1-E4…” Majority of these people we most likely active duty.…show more content…
America’s favorite excuse for homeless people is that they’re lazy. But even higher ranked veterans end up on the cold, hard streets. They are constantly turned away from jobs when they return home from being out the country doing tours around the world. In an interview with to veterans that fought in Vietnam, they were injured and dropped off. Once they were seen as unfit to fight they were sent back with nothing but PTSD and terrible memories of the war they fought in. No aid, no guidance, nothing. They are now both homeless and hop from street to street trying to do the exact thing they were doing in the war, staying
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