Homelessness On Campus Analysis

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Homelessness on Campus “Over 58,000 students identified as homeless on the 2013 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) , a 75 percent increase over the last three years”(Dunning). Homelessness on college campuses is damaging to the individuals who are affected by it. Homelessness is damaging to the individual because it makes graduating from college difficult. To find a way to solve homelessness we need to figure out what the causes of homelessness are. Unstable low income jobs are one of the biggest reasons as to why college students are homeless. These are the only jobs many college students can get and the hours are not very practical for a college schedule. Many decent jobs do not hire students who just graduated high school, they typically want students who have just graduated…show more content…
“...41 percent of youth said they left home due to bad parental relations…”(Dunning). Eleanor Bader also wrote about another college student who became homeless because of an abusive relationship. Teens tend to get kicked out our their homes when they’re labeled as “problem” youth. It is difficult for a college student who has been kicked out to find another place to stay while trying to stay in college. There are some programs to help these students but they tend to be a long process and some do not have the time to wait. A place to stay is not always guaranteed to those who apply. America needs to find a better solution to solving homelessness on college campuses and it needs to identify what the causes of homelessness are. Some college students are homeless because the jobs that are offered to them are unstable low income jobs. Rising tuition costs as well cause some college students to become homeless because they can’t afford to pay. In addition family and or relationship issues are another reason students may be
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