Homelessness Research Paper

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Homelessness is one the most ignored problems in the United States with citizen and politician. Homeless people are walked by and ignored. Nobody ever thinks that they will be homeless. Due to the economy, people live paycheck to paycheck making house payments very difficult. Most people will want to believe most homeless people are drug addicts or alcoholics, but most people will be surprise to know that it is no all true. Veterans with PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) have a high risk of becoming homeless. Homelessness is cause by drug and alcohol dependencies, the economy and veterans who suffers from PTSD or other forms of mental illness. When one parent or both parents lose their jobs, it is a domino effect. About 1.4 million students were…show more content…
It is stated that thirty-eight percent of homeless people abuse alcohol and twenty-six percent abuse drug. Some drug addicts and alcoholics become addicts when they are homeless already. However, some become homeless because of being dependent on drugs and alcohol most of their lives. Since they are dependent on drugs and alcohol their family will give up trying to help them, leaving them homeless and without any way of getting help. There are over forty-seven thousand American veterans who are homeless and seventy percent of those veterans are suffering from some form of mental illness. Most veterans who have mental illness, mostly PTSD, do not know how to get help. About eleven percent of the adult homeless population are veterans .The veterans who are suffering from PTSD do not want to get help mostly because they do not have the funds to get the help they need or they are afraid of seeking help. If the government would give more funding to the Veteran Affairs or other organizations, it would be easier for homeless veterans to find the help that they

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