Summary: The Issue Of Homelessness

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When it comes to the issue of homelessness, none of the countries in the world could deny its dramatically negative impact. However, it is the homelessness in some ways that prompt the development of countries.

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In all ages, homeless never fails to be the inevitable issue for the entire human. From what I stand, it is easy to find homeless people in any corner of this earth. Who are they? Where do they come from? And where will they go? It is easy for people to worry about these problems. After all, nobody would like to be of no fixes abode. Here, I offer several hypotheses. One is that homelessness may be rooted from a bygone age. Before humans finish their evolution process perfectly, they failed to
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They lived in the cave that was discovered in Peking. Since then, human always can find their sedentary habitant. Nevertheless, before the Old Stone Age, the living places of humans as well as other animals varied from seasons to seasons. This alter caused by their unqualified conditions in a localized place, and now day, the majority of areas in the earth possess a perfect material condition which could always improve the people live. So why homelessness never fails to be the most public sign for the whole society. Given that ancient always change their residence and therefore the habit to move from one place to another may have rooted in people’s mind deeply. This caused people to unconsciously migrate from time to time. Further the homelessness happened because some unable to maintain their life as well as before after the change their living place. Varied home means the lack of changeless salary and personal relationship in the temporary age. All in all, this is my first hypothesis of the cause of homelessness.

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One of the reasons that my country fails to become developed country is the issue of homeless people. Too much homeless people tag the powerful China and that’s why the government lays increasingly emphasize to figure out this problem. However, nobody would a born homeless person,
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Then let me talk out the wars that happened in China. One of the most famous wars is the Opium war, and not only the war, but the Opium also caused the homeless of the public. People at that time paid a considerable amount of money for the tax and the Opium. The reduction of the economy is the main reason why people become homeless. From another perspective, the civil war also possessed a negative impact on Chinese. Two parties fought for the position of leader in china, and the Chinese Nationalist Party took toughness action in order to defeat the Communist Party—they caught the men from the public and sent them to the battlefield compulsorily. That destroyed countless family and many soldiers of humble birth were sent to Taiwan after war and obtained no likelihood to go
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