Lip Balms Hypothesis

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Our hypothesis is that the homemade lip balm is going to be better than store bought. We think this because you can add different ingredients to make the homemade product look, feel and taste better. Intro Is making your own lip balm and cosmetics cheaper and easier than buying them at your local drugstore? We will find out! We will be making 3 different kinds of lip balms and comparing them with a store-bought lip balm. We will test our lip balms and the store bought lip balms on 10 people. We will ask them which one they like the most based on look, feel, and taste. Then we will record your results on a chart or graph. We will also record the price of the supplies that are used to make the lip balm, and the price of the already made lip balm according to our results. It will determine whether people are wasting money on buying the lip balms instead of making their own. This experiment is useful to many people. If you’re running low on money ad you cant waste it on gas to go to the store or buying cosmetics and lip…show more content…
For example, no one wants lip-gloss to be too hard, which is why most homemade lip-gloss recipes call for some type of oil or butter. Oils are generally thick. Butters are soft, but not liquid, at room temperature. On the other hand, a super soft, runny lip-gloss would be too messy, so waxes, like beeswax, which are solids at room temperature, are added to thicken the recipe. The perfect product would mean getting just the right amount of oils to waxes. What other properties do you like your lip-gloss to have? How about a fragrance? But no one wants a lip gloss that smells good but tastes awful! This is another case where the chemist making the product needs to think about the properties of the ingredients they are

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