Homeopathy Marketing Plan

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PMJ Assignment 1

This assignment includes the marketing plan of JR Homoeopathic clinic. It includes the start-up method, feasibility of the practice, form of organisation for the practice.

Executive summary:
Homeopathy is a system of complementary medicine used to treat, diagnose and prevent ailments of diseases. Natural substances are used in minute doses to cure or treat symptoms that would otherwise be produced by that substance (Dictionary, 2018).

The name of the practice will be JR Homeopathic Clinic. It will be established in Mulbarton (Johannesburg south) by Dr. K. Joubert and Dr. H. Roothman. The clinic will be fully established by the beginning of 2020. We will buy and convert a property to suit our needs.

We will
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Staff for the practice will include a daily cleaner/ helper and a receptionist.

3.1.2) Capabilities
Capability is the power/ability to do something or the extent of someone’s/somethings ability (Dictionary, 2018). Business capability is the expression or articulation of the capacity, materials and expertise an organization needs in order to perform core functions (Law Dictionary, 2018).

Our research and questionnaires will include facts that prove that the location of our practice is suitable for the practice. To ensure the success of our practice, we will have accurate financial plans in place as well as set budgets that we plan on sticking to. We will also strive to provide the best possible quality of our services and products, including prescribed and dispensed medication, to all our patients. This will help guarantee value for money for our patients.

3.1.3) Competences
A cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge and skills that enable a person to act effectively in a job or situation (Dictionary, 2018). Competence indicates sufficiency in knowledge and skills and enables someone to act in a wide variety of situations (Business Dictionary,
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