Homer Hickman's October Sky: Film Review

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October sky Homer Hickman with the dream of launching his very own rocket after witnessing his idol van brawn successfully launches a rocket to space. With the help of his friends and teachers he slow climbs towards his dream in the movie October sky. Homer Hickman is introduced as a high school student who is young and determined to studying at big creek High with his friends. To achieve his dream Homer has to go through difficulties including his own father and school mates even Former friends. Joe Johnston showcases these difficult moments with the mood or theme of music, lighting, camera angles and speeches. Joe Johnston successfully uses all of those techniques to also, describe the current situation of the scene, and to introduce the…show more content…
He went on a hunt with his friends to find the rocket and after hours of looking they found it by a small river lake. His teacher played a big part in his dream; she tried her best to help him. She got him the book about rockets and she supported him about his ideas. He told her about this idea and she approved completely. Mid class the principle came in who hated the idea about the rocket and declined Homer trying to talk to him. Homer’s teacher stuck up for him and the principle ended up listening. Homer wrote all over the black board explaining how it could not be the rockets fault. They ended up letting him go with his rocket and he quit the mine. His father was furious about the idea, he told Homer about how he is going to grow up and replace him and take care of the mine. The director put camera angles to use and lighting to success showing the scene. When homer and his friends finally made the rocket a complete working metal ship everyone in coal wood came to watch. Homer was so happy to see his father there after negotiating him into going. He volunteered his father into activating the fuse. The director changes camera angles to close ups when homer hands the fuse over to his father. “it won’t fly unless someone lights the
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