Homer Yannos In The Handmaid's Throw The Story

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Homer Yannos is a Greek macho, trouble maker and at times a poser/goof. He didn’t care what he did and didn’t care what people thought of him. Homer also plays the role leader and takes the control of situations. At first he comes across as an unrespectable, immature, cold hearted person; building up an emotional wall to hide behind. Homer contributes to the group that her inspires, encourages, and holds authority. He is forceful in his actions and despise weakens in himself and in ours. Though the chapters you see Homer mature and become a leader. Fast thinker
Lee is mature, withdrawn and unsocial, but also caring, dependable and considerate of others. Lee is highly intelligent and passionate about piano and violin. And shows his interest
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They arrive at Ellie’s house and find her dog is dead, and the phones were cut off, and with the radios they only get static. This is important climatic moment in the novel because at the moment we see their lives changed forever. The tittle is also explained of why it called Tomorrow, when the war began.
3. Discuss a relationship that flourishes during the timeframe of the story
A relationship that flourishes throw the story is between Homer and Fi. At the beginning of the novel Homer thinks Fi is out if league, telling Ellie in chapter 4. And his family is like Greek peasants compared to her
4. Is this a novel about war or relationships?
The novels issues is about war, for it is the bases of the story. The whole reason to why Ellie is recording what happened in writing is to show they do matter and are making a difference to the war. It is also a way for others to read later on to remember when they are gone, the sacrifices they have done. Ellie starts to use their recordings as an outlet for her feelings; this clouds the issues of war into being about relationships. Ellie also used writing about the dramas in the group to distract herself from the bigger issue, the war, fir her to cope with the issue. The novel is about relationships because in Ellie’s eyes that’s what’s was
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