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Homeroom Reflection Junior year

I have grown as a student this semester by watching the mala movie. This has helped me grow as a student because it showed me how just one voice can change so much in a community. From this experience I learned how Mala was an ordinary girl but who ones spoke up for what she believed was right for her community and the people all around her. After she started to change her community on a positive way for example, have more schools so students can have an education and making sure girls were able to attend school more often. Therefore, when she spoke up for what she thought was right and changed people 's life there was some who didn 't appreciate what she was doing so decided to shot her and ended up shooting her on her forehead. The people who did support her for everything Mala did for them but they also believed that she would make it out alive. After all she made it out alive but not with good conditions for example, she wasn 't able to remember many things she did in the past or wasn 't able to walk right or even think straight. Mala had many problems in her body do to the shot she got on her forehead which lead to the her brain damage. Even though she was very hurt and many things in her body changed plus she wasn 't able to be the same person. Mala still
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I have also grown as a student this year by volunteering at “My Best Friends Shelter” which is something I myself like to do and I volunteer there by helping out animals get adopted by a family who will care for them. I also help there by walking animals around the yard and make sure they have love shown to them and to make sure each one of the animals is well cared for. While taking this experience I learned that I didn 't really want to work in the field with animals in my future. By helping at animals I realized that 's not where I wanted to see myself working as. I felt that it would be too much responsibility and realized it wasn 't as easy as I thought
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